To my surprise the blog gained several new followers in what is probably the longest unintentional hiatus I took since starting it, so let's try again. Hello to readers both old and new.

Here's something a little on the safe and admittedly boring side to ease into the blogging routine again: jeans, tee and a long blazer. I would have preferred a little texture on the vest under, so my next DIY undertaking would be a rough gauze version of the draped vest. The boots are Ann Demeulemeester from Ebay I acquired not too long ago. Vintage, or so the seller states. I cannot verify nor do I care that much really. I'll take better photos of them soon, but they are an unusual pair of boots—they look like two shoes sewn together at the ankle.

The past few weeks had me in such a lackluster mindset, fashion-wise. The weather is driving me nuts.


Project No. 1: A Simple Skirt

This was the first clothing project I took on since I got my sewing machine a couple of months ago, inspired by this skirt by Creatures of Comfort but instead of having just one side flap I decided to go for symmetry this time.

Initially I thought I'll breeze through making the skirt like it was nothing because hey, how difficult can sewing a skirt like this be? It's literally a just a rectangle. A whole yard of black Italian twill to be exact. But then as I was drafting the pattern I realized I had no idea how to attach the waistband if I stuck to this shape and maintained the sharpness of the edges. It took me hours even before cutting the fabric trying to figure it out and I even made a miniature version to test the method. The process of actually making, sewing, and fitting the skirt took me an entire afternoon, all in all.

The skirt sits on the waist and is closed with an invisible zipper at the back. Note to self: buy an invisible zipper foot for the machine because sewing the zipper by hand is arduous. The hem is kept raw as I liked the contrast of the simple lines of the skirt with the frayed edge.

Upon wearing it for the first time out it felt like I was wearing too much skirt, if you know what I mean.  So much fabric and room to move! The side flaps were unobtrusive, surprisingly. At the end of the day I'd say this skirt was fairly easy to make with only straight stitches needed and attaching the waistband proved to be my single stumbling block on this project. 


Summer Drapery

It's far too warm to be wearing this exact outfit right now. These photos were taken at the beginning of summer when the humidity wasn't much of a problem. I stubbornly wore this knit top from Plus Minus Multiply Divide several more times over the last few weeks and suffered as a result.

The top is very interesting: it has a long scarf attached at the front with several snaps in place so you can drape the scarf in a myriad of ways, essentially giving you a number of shirts for the price of one depending on how creative you can get. And for less than a dollar at the thrift shop this top is definitely a winner in terms of cost per wear ratio. The way it's worn here is the easiest, no brainer option—draped over the shoulders like a regular scarf. It will be fun coming up with more ways to style this as the temperatures drop, but I reckon it will be a months long until the weather cooperates.